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SMP is a division of PRESTIGE (GB) Ltd, of Cotton Court, Church Street, Preston, PR1 3BY, a limited company (number 05189905) registered in England and Wales.

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You understand that by sending your details to football clubs, football agents, and/or registering your profile on the ProScout database, there is no guarantee that you will be contacted by any football clubs or football agents, or that you will be offered either football agent representation, or a football trial, and/or a contract with a football club.

You confirm that all details contained within your football CV are accurate.

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We ensure that all email addresses (of football agents and football clubs) that football CVs are sent to are checked, updated and correct on a regular basis. We will not however be held liable, on the rare occasions that football CVs may be undeliverable due to certain football agents and football clubs updating their email addresses without our prior knowledge.

We accept no liability for any actions of, or services provided to you by any football clubs, football agents, football scouts, or third parties who may contact you as a result of you using SMP.

We reserve the right to alter the prices or services provided without prior notice.

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ProClub users:

You must be aged 8 years or above.

You must not be contracted to a professional football club.

The information you provide us with will be distributed to the leagues/football clubs you choose.

Where possible, players' CVs will be sent to direct contacts at the football clubs, in many cases the person responsible for player recruitment, although this cannot be guaranteed. 

ProAgent users:

You must be aged 16 years or above.

You must not have a football agent.

The information you provide us with will be distributed to the football agents you choose.

ProScout users:

You must be aged 8 years or above.

Your information will be visible to football club representatives, football managers, and football scouts, who are registered to the database.